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Sunday, 10 June 2012

English Defence League, Rochdale 2012 Demonstration – A Photo Essay

 The English Defence League were in Rochdale yesterday protesting against the recent child-grooming cases. I attended the demonstration in in a professional capacity and below are a few photos I took to document the day. 

Police waiting outside Rochdale town hall 
for the main body of EDL supporters to start congregating.

There was a strong police presence of around 500 officers. 

The police formed a thoroughfare, herding the
demonstrators around the roundabout and towards the enclosed area by the stage.

Police dogs and horses were stationed nearby.

There were representatives from many divisions
including Rochdale, Luton, Halifax, North West Alliance and Yorkshire.

There were ten arrests for public order offences.

The crowd gathers outside the Town Hall as the demonstration begins.

Tommy Robinson, pictured with a Qur'an and a cigarette lighter, 
gave the first speech. 

Tommy Robinson and Muslim EDL supporter Abdul Rafiq.

Kevin Carroll giving a speech with an EDL poster denouncing 'Muslim paedos'.

Reported numbers of EDL attendees vary, but I think there were around 
400 people there. During some points of the demonstration the crowd 
dispersed so it was unclear exactly how many were in attendance.

An EDL poster on fire. During the day the GMP tweeted: 
"Rumours that EDL in Rochdale are threatening to burn the Koran are incorrect. 
Only EDL posters are being burnt."

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  1. I was at the rochdale demo....tommy and the edl are not anti muslim as we have patriots like abdul with us....we hated sharia laws and any islamist who would want them...
    this countries gone bonkers since liebour took over...labour party are riddled with islamists...