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Thursday, 1 August 2013

The English Volunteer Force: A Year On

In November 2012 I interviewed John Sheridan, leader of the little-known, right-wing street movement the English Volunteer Force (EVF)[1]Formed in July of last year, the EVF claims to stand ‘against militant Islam, Republican terror, and the extreme-Left’, while its opponents have branded members ‘opportunistic, racist thugs’.  When I spoke to John Sheridan, his group was still in embryonic form – it was yet to hold a demonstration and  was still very much in the shadow of the English Defence League (EDL). Since then the EVF has tried to establish itself as an independent organisation and has been more active, culminating in its recent demonstration outside Lunar House in Croydon. Last month I met up with  new leader Jason Lock to find out how the EVF has evolved over the past year, and question him on some of his controversial viewpoints.